Passive Energy Recovery for Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems

WAHXStart Saving Energy Today:

  • Energy cost savings over 40%
  • Quick return on investment from energy savings (1-2 Years Typical)
  • Enhanced dehumidification/latent cooling performance
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Eliminates active overcooling and reheating for dehumidification
  • Engineered efficient & compact design

US Department of Energy Cites Heat Pipes as… “Under Utilized” and a viable energy saving technology for HVAC Systems

ACT Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Enhanced Dehumidification Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger: ACT-HP-WAHX

ACT-HP-WAHX Enhanced Passive Dehumidification with Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers offer engineered performance to enhance your systems efficiency and greatly reduce systems’s enegy costs.

  • Quick return on investment (under 2 years) from energy savings
  • Enhanced dehumidification by pre-cooling incoming airstreams
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Installing an ACT-HP-WAHX may result in the choice of a smaller AHU
  • Eliminates typical overcooling to dehumidify, plus free passive reheating
    of the buildings entering airstream

ACT-HP-WAHX Wrap-Around systems can be designed for all major AHU OEMs. For retrofitting existing systems, ACT can ship a pre-engineered unit, fully charged and ready to install. ACT offers onsite installation or units can be factory installed. Typical design build/install costs are recouped in a 1-2 year payback period.

ACT Heat Pipe Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger: ACT-HP-AAHX

ACT-HP-AAHX is a counterflow heat exchanger-energy recovery system features ACT’s high performance, high reliability heat pipes. Save energy by pre-cooling or pre-heating your incoming building supply air.The system features:

  • Energy cost savings over 40%, cold or hot climatesair to air heat pipe heat exchanger
  • No cross-contamination between isolated airstreams
  • Economically Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Quick return on investment from energy savings
  • Reduce Heating or Cooling Requirements
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Engineered efficient & compact design

ACT-HP- AAHX  Heat Pipe Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers can be fitted to new or existing HVAC system. Systems are sealed to prevent cross contamination of the side-by-side airstreams. Qualify for LEED and High  Performance Building points with installation payback periods between 1-2 years.