Our Team

Our Team

The ACT Management Team consists of personnel with established track records in technology development and commercialization. Throughout their careers, they were involved in pioneering work on heat pipes, loop heat pipes and other two-phase heat transfer devices. They are the recipients or co-recipients of more than sixty U.S. and international patents and are the authors of more than three hundred fifty scientific publications.

Advanced Cooling Technologies

In addition to our highly recognized management team, ACT retains some of the best and brightest minds in the business. With more than 40 engineers, our technical team has backgrounds in diverse fields including mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, nuclear, materials, manufacturing, and physics. Many of our engineers hold advanced degrees in these fields. Pooling our expertise assures we can serve a wide variety of diverse thermal challenges.

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ACT’s technician and production staff has been and continues to be a critical factor in our success. They are skilled in a wide range of technical tasks, from building one-of-a-kind prototypes to manufacturing products in relatively high volumes. Their work has resulted in the incorporation of ACT’s products and technologies in many mission critical systems including telecommunications satellites, defense electronics equipment, and primary temperature calibration systems.

Our administrative staff works with all employees to maintain an open culture that encourages innovation, learning and a focus on our customers. We are proud of our culture of innovation and will seek to continually use our expertise for the benefit of our customers.

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