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Passive Energy Recovery for Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems

Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

A well-designed passive recovery HVAC heat pipe system will provide effective and affordable energy recovery during the hot summer and cold winter months as well as throughout the year. Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. offers a variety of innovative heat pipe HVAC solutions that will take a big bite out of your energy bills and provide a rapid return on your initial investment. We also have the expertise to develop a customized passive energy recovery HVAC heat pipe system for your applications.

Start Saving Energy Today:

Highlights of an ACT passive energy recovery HVAC heat pipe system include:

  • Energy cost savings over 40%
  • Quick return on investment from energy savings (1-2 Years Typical)
  • Enhanced dehumidification/latent cooling performance
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Eliminates active overcooling and reheating for dehumidification
  • Engineered efficient & compact design

US Department of Energy Cites Heat Pipes as… “Under Utilized” and a viable energy saving technology for HVAC Systems

ACT Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Enhanced Dehumidification Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger: ACT-HP-WAHX

ACT-HP-WAHX Enhanced Passive Dehumidification with Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers offer engineered performance to enhance your systems efficiency and greatly reduce systems’s energy costs.

  • Quick return on investment (under 2 years) from energy savings
  • Enhanced dehumidification by pre-cooling incoming airstreams
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Installing an ACT-HP-WAHX may result in the choice of a smaller AHU
  • Eliminates typical overcooling to dehumidify, plus free passive reheating
    of the buildings entering airstream

ACT-HP-WAHX Wrap-Around systems can be designed for all major AHU OEMs. For retrofitting existing systems, ACT can ship a pre-engineered unit, fully charged and ready to install. ACT offers onsite installation or units can be factory installed. Typical design build/install costs are recouped in a 1-2 year payback period.

ACT Heat Pipe Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger: ACT-HP-AAHX

ACT-HP-AAHX is a counterflow heat exchanger-energy recovery system features ACT’s high performance, high reliability heat pipes. Save energy by pre-cooling or pre-heating your incoming building supply air.The system features:

  • Energy cost savings over 40%, cold or hot climatesair to air heat pipe heat exchanger
  • No cross-contamination between isolated airstreams
  • Economically Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Quick return on investment from energy savings
  • Reduce Heating or Cooling Requirements
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Engineered efficient & compact design

ACT-HP- AAHX  Heat Pipe Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers can be fitted to new or existing HVAC system. Systems are sealed to prevent cross contamination of the side-by-side airstreams. Qualify for LEED and High  Performance Building points with installation payback periods between 1-2 years.

Contact Us to Learn More About HVAC Heat Pipes for Passive Energy Recovery

ACT has been providing reliable and affordable thermal management solutions since 2003. Learn more about the many ways in which an HVAC heat pipe system for passive energy recovery can lower your energy bills. Contact ACT for more information or to schedule an in-house consultation today.




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