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ACT has been a leading innovator of high-quality thermal control systems since 2003. Research and development is at the core of everything we do. ACT’s extensive technical expertise in thermal technologies enables us to offer our customers a broad range of custom thermal solutions. Heat Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Cold Plates, etc. in many different combinations are available. Browse the array of products below to learn more.

Heat Pipes

ACT is a leading manufacturer of heat pipes in the United States. We produce a wide variety of heat pipes for thermal management of electronics and applications such as LEDs, card chassis, lasers, radar systems and medical systems.

Heat Pipe Assemblies

ACT produce heat pipe assemblies for electronic thermal management applications. We feature HiK™ heat sinks that maximize air-cooled applications for natural and forced air convection. In addition to power electronics, other applications include radar systems, card chassis and extreme environments.

HiK™ Plates

ACT Heat Pipe embedded conduction plates are used to transport or spread from a variety of heat. These High Thermal Conductivity (K) plates are particularly useful when dealing with multiple heat sources on the same base plate.

Vapor Chamber Assemblies

Vapor chambers are high performance passive heat spreaders that are used in many high heat flux applications.  Similar in operation to heat pipes, vapor chambers offer superior heat spreading for laser cooling and other demanding thermal management applications

Constant Conductance Heat Pipes

With over 15 million hours of operation on a variety of satellites, ACT’s ammonia/aluminum Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs) have delivered excellent performance in stringent aerospace applications.

Loop Heat Pipes

ACT manufactures high-quality loop heat pipe products that comply with the stringent AS9100: 2009 quality standards. Our loop heat pipes are ideally suited for high thermal transfer in extreme operating conditions. Applications include heat transport, avionics cooling, payload thermal management and many others.

Furnace Liners and Blackbody Cavities

ACT’s high temperature (500-1,100°C) isothermal furnace liners are used across the globe to help metrology labs and other calibration specialists obtain the precision they need.

PCM Heat Sinks

For applications requiring temporary thermal storage ACT designs and builds Phase Change Material (PCM) Heat Sinks.  PCM Heat sinks are a great option to reduce heat sink size and weight in many transient heat load applications

Cold Plates

Liquid cold plates are often used in thermal management of electronics to remove heat loads that are beyond the capability of convection air cooling. Our extensive design capabilities enable us to develop highly efficient cold plates that provide the perfect balance between meeting specific thermal requirements and minimizing cost.

HVAC Energy Recovery (formerly Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers)

ACT is your source for heat pipe heat exchangers that provide passive energy recovery for HVAC systems. They provide advanced dehumidification by cooling incoming airstreams while eliminating overcooling. These systems contain no moving parts and require no preventive maintenance. Most owners recoup their initial investment in less than two years due to increased energy savings.

Sealed Enclosure Coolers

For cooling of electronics cabinets in harsh environments, ACT’s Sealed enclosure coolers offer high performance passive cooling in even the most challenging environments.

Thermal Technical Services

With many thermal engineers experienced in all major thermal management technologies, ACT offers thermal technical services, including thermal simulations, analysis and product design

Custom Test Rig Design and Development

ACT can design and build automated custom test rigs for a large range of applications, including test rigs for high heat flux pumped single and two phase cooling, evaluating protective coating near jet engines, compressibility, precise temperature control, simulating aircraft enclosures, and flammability.

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