CT’s WAHX featured in United CoolAir’s New “Modulaire” DOAS

IMG_4457The estimated 70,000 people have come and gone from the annual AHR Expo in Atlanta. This year ACT’s Wrap Around Heat Exchanger (WAHX) was featured in the introduction of United CoolAir’s “Modulaire” Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS).  ACT’s WAHX provides equivalent performance with reduced energy costs and space DOAS.

According to Brad Dunn, United CoolAir’s National Sales Manager, “We built this unit to gauge customer interest at the show and they’ve been gushing with enthusiasm.  It’s the first time we utilized heat pipe technology in our products and the customer response has been fantastic.”

“Modulaire” can be configured in over 300 ways and are both scalable and adjustable.

ACT’s WAHX products are is use globally to provide passive energy recovery and enhanced dehumidification for a variety of air handling systems.  ACT’s WAHX take benefit from heat pipes which have provided reliable performance in many industries and markets over several decades.

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