Bakery Control Cabinets Facing Higher Internal Waste Heat Temperatures

Since the 1920s, an industry leader has been providing both retail and industrial baking companies with OEM equipment. Faced with the issue of rising temperatures in its control cabinets, the company turned to ACT’s Sealed Enclosure Cooling as a solution.

Bakery control cabinets are facing higher internal waste heat temperatures. Manufacturers are growing more concerned with component degradation due to excess heat. Learn how ACT’s Sealed Enclosure Cooling solution allows the controls to continue functioning normally despite the rising ambient bakery temperatures.

Factors Contributing to the Rising Temperatures Enclosure installation locaiton Bakery ambient temperatures Rising intermittent frequency response issues with the electric grid.

Problem: Component Degradation

As one may expect from an industry centered around heat generation, thermal management is a challenge for baking companies. An industry leader in OEM bakery equipment, specializing in the production of donuts, is growing more concerned with component degradation due to excess heat inside cabinets. The company has tested air conditioners and compressed air coolers in an effort to mitigate the heat which– at the typical operating capacity of 30%– totaled 498W. Internal temperatures of the control cabinets exceeded 150F in 110F ambient conditions.

Solution: Heat Sink Cooler

Through a quick internet search, the engineering team found ACT’s Sealed Enclosure Cooling line. Knowing their heat load, they were able to use

ACT’s online selection tool to determine which unit would be the best solution.

Large metal control panels on a wall with heat sink cooler enclosure units on the front for cooling

Control panels with ACT’s Heat Sink Cooler enclosure cooling systems.

Ultimately, they chose the ACT-HSC-45 which has 900 Watts of cooling capacity keeping their cabinets below the maximum operating temperature along with a NEMA 4X seal to keep debris from entering the cabinet and their stainless steel, non-leachable construction ensures compliance with bakery food-safety and corrosion standards.




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