High Heat Flux Loop Thermosyphon for Laboratory Measurement Systems

High Heat Flux Loop Thermosyphon for Medical Devices

High Heat Flux Loop Thermosyphon for Medical Devices

High performance laboratory measurement systems must be accurate, precise and reliable.  With these requirements comes increased importance in thermal management.  ACT recently assisted a multi-national corporation that produces such high precision instruments to replace an outdated and inefficient thermal management system with a more advanced and reliable one.

The analytical device had a very high heat load (kW level) that required a large chiller to cool two areas containing heat generating components. Because an in-house air system was required for the installation of the analytical device, and the customer wanted to use that air supply to cool the heat-generating components and eliminate the need for a chiller.

ACT designed a custom thermal solution for an analytical device like this one.

Through a design study conducted by its thermal engineering experts, ACT developed a solution met all of the customer’s requirements. ACT replaced the chiller with two loop thermosyphons, one for each of the heat generating areas, that was able to more efficiently utilize the air supply as the ultimate heat sink.  The flexibility of the loop thermosyphon technology enabled the evaporator design to be  unique to each heat generating area. The highest heat flux area had a heat flux of approximately 80W/cm2 during operation.  ACT’s solution was successfully tested to over 100 W/cm2.  Further, ACT designed an evaporator with minichannels which improved the performance by reducing the heat flux seen by the thermosyphon working fluid. With this loop thermosyphon solution,  the temperature at the heat sources was maintained to within 5% of the chiller solution, without of course, the need for a chiller.

The custom thermal solution designed by ACT provided the customer higher reliability, reduced maintenance, reduced power, reduced noise, and a reduced space requirement.

ACT can custom design a solution for your thermal challenge.  The thermal experts at ACT are experienced in design studies, prototyping, and manufacturing large-scale solutions for any challenge, and at any stage of your project.  Contact us today to discuss your application.

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