Long Term Partner – Satellite Thermal Management

November 2016 Launch of GOES-R

The Aerospace industry demands reliable and high quality products from their supplier. ACT has provided critical support to many high profile programs. ACT’s work with ITT/Harris Corporation on the recently launched Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) aboard NOAA’s GOES-R satellite is one example of those successful collaborations.

The partnership between ACT and ITT/Harris dates back more than a decade to 2006, when ACT first began manufacturing aerospace grade Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs). At that time ITT was developing an advanced meteorological sensor system called the ABI for the GOES-R satellite. Each ABI unit utilizes fourteen unique heat pipe geometries to isothermalize mounting structures and transport excess heat from the electronics to the thermal dissipation radiators. ACT worked closely with the ITT team to successfully manufacture and deliver the complex heat pipes for integration at ITT. At the end of that program, ACT received an outstanding supplier award from ITT for our effective support. According to ITT, “ACT was a critical supplier for what will be an important national asset”, referring to the GOES-R satellite. Since then, ACT has delivered similar CCHPs for the GOES-S, T and U satellites.

To date, ACT has produced space qualified CCHPs for over thirty satellites, and has accumulated over 15 million operating hours on orbit.




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