Pumped Two Phase Cooling for High Performance Computing Applications

ACT’s cold plate assembly for Intel's high performance computing application

ACT’s cold plate assembly for Intel’s high performance computing application

When Intel was looking for a thermal partner to help them develop the next generation cooling solution for their high performance computing products, they knew both the company and the technology they needed to work with.  Advanced Cooling Technologies has been working on pumped two phase cooling for more than a decade and is a recognized technology leader.  Pumped two phase cooling essentially uses the vapor produced from the working fluid’s phase transition to effectively and efficiently remove waste heat.  To accommodate higher power density processors, Intel recognized the need for a higher performance and robust cooling solution.

The major challenges ACT had to overcome in developing a solution were the increased heat dissipation requirements within the very tight packaging footprint of Intel’s Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU).  The CDU was designed for a total heat load of 4kW and for over 50,000 individual nodes in a 1U blade configuration, with a maximum weight of 12 lb.  ACT utilized its wide array of thermal simulation tools to design and then prototype a pumped two phase cooling solution to meet these requirements. The resulting prototype, including the cold plate pictured above, used the available air cooling in the existing system, while increasing heat dissipation capability with an additional liquid cooling system.  ACT’s solution provided even more space savings than originally anticipated, even with the addition of liquid cooling after the heat exchanger.

Dr. Devdatta Kulkarni, ACT’s main collaborator at Intel, authored a white paper on the project, “Experimental Study of Two-Phase Cooling to Enable Large-Scale System Computing Performance,” presented at ITHERM 2018.  The paper includes compelling test result data, and an acknowledgement of the team at ACT for their contribution.

Advanced Cooling Technologies is a recognized leader in thermal management solutions, including pumped two phase cooling.  When faced with challenging thermal requirements, ACT is the one you want to turn to.  Contact the thermal experts today to discuss your application.

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