Design & Analysis

Vibration analysis of liquid pump assembly

ACT’s heat transfer analysts are acknowledged technical leaders in the thermal management performance of not only our products and our customer’s applications, but also in leading edge industrial and research trends. Using the latest CFD and FEA software, ACT’s thermal experts can efficiently design and optimize solutions over a wide range of applications. As every designer of power products knows, having good thermal design input shortens the design process, decreases prototyping costs and accelerates time to market.

At ACT we’re committed to meeting our customer’s needs – From analysis of an existing parts, to tailored support of our customer’s engineering team to full product design – We provide the right level of support!

ACT Technical Services can design and model diverse thermal issues using industry recognized software tools, including:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFDesign™
  • Finite Element Analysis – CosmosWorks™
  • Part Modeling and Structural Design – Solidworks™ and Pro/Engineer™

The TS Group also utilizes in-house generated proprietary (and validated) software to model a variety of heat transfer designs including:

  • Heat pipe performance
  • Pumped two phase heat pump system
  • Air side fin optimization
  • Hydro/Thermodynamic effects of boiling in wicks

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Computationa Fluid Dynamic Simulation of flow in a manifold

Electronic Module thermal design simulation

Launch stress analysis of loop heat pipe evaporator assembly

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