ACT-LNC Low Noise Coolers

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Low Noise Cooling From 10 Watts/°C TO 20 Watts/°C

  • A patent pending passive sealed enclosure cooler design consisting of a smaller, high performance aluminum finned heat sink and a larger, extruded aluminum heat sink bonded to the opposite sides of a common mounting plate
  • The smaller heat sink side has a dedicated fan impinging hotter air inside the enclosure onto the heat sink
  • The larger, extruded heat sink side has no fans (LNC-10) or ultra-low power fans (LNC-20) for quiet, natural convection (with fan assistance as in the LNC-20 case) heat dissipation to the outside ambient
  • Multiple heat pipes are embedded in the mounting plate, efficiently spreading heat from the smaller heat sink side to the larger heat sink side
  • “Thin profile”, i.e., only 3.70″ intrusion into the enclosure
  • Similar to the HSC series: dual axial ball bearing fans for years of maintenance free operation, Rugged high quality construction, ease of installation, and a minimum number of penetrations by cover fasteners, mounting fasteners or external fan wires


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Part Number Thermal Conductance Thermal Capacity Weight (lbs) Height (in.) Width (in.) *Depth (in.)
10 200 54 36 12.5 6.42
20 400 54 36 12.5 6.42

Note: *Extends 3.70″ into enclosure



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Environment Indoor or Outdoor Use
Electrical Configuration 115VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC

• AC units arrive with 6ft. long 3-pronged plug

• DC units arrive with bare lead wires

NEMA Options 12, 3R, 4 and 4X
Fans UL Listed 4.0” and 6.0” dual ball bearing type axial fans (dry & wet locations)
Mounting Plate Aircraft quality 6061 aluminum
HPC Housing Powder coated aluminum
Mounting Options Side, front, or back
Expected Fan Life >100,000 Hours at 77°F (+25°C)
Accessories Rain guards and removable filters




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