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The ACT Energy Monitoring System monitors the real-time temperature/relative humidity (RH) and calculates the energy savings of ACT’s Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (WAHX) and Air-to Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (AAHX) Systems. The ACT-EMS was designed to meet customer demand for real time monitoring of their energy recovery investment. Additionally Energy Savings Companies (ESCO’s) now have a way to quantify the benefits of utilizing energy recovery systems.

The WAHX energy recovery system is typically installed in Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) air handlers. The DOAS is instrumented with (4) sets of HMI Data Screen on Phone RH and Platinum RTD averaging sensors that are inputs to the ACT-EMS’s Ethernet Industrial PC-based controller. The PC-based controller algorithm calculates the savings from the WAHX’s ability to passively pre-cool the incoming air and re-heat the exiting building supply air.

The actual temperature and relative humidity data along with the calculated result are then displayed on the ACT-EMS Human Machine Interface (HMI).  The HMI is web compatible and is capable of multiple factory standard data screens or customized to a particular air handler installation. Both the PC-Based Controller and the HMI are IP addressable.  The HMI data screens double as web pages so that the information can be viewed locally to the air handler or over the internet.  Any web compatible device can view the pages including smart phones.

ACT Energy Measuring System Displays

ACT-EMS Features:

  • Measures Current Conditions (Temperature & Humidity)
  • Calculates Energy Transfer ( MBH, Watts)
  • Can be applied to All types of Energy Recovery Systems
  • Heat Pipes, Plate Exchangers and Enthalpy Wheels
  • Provides Real-Time Savings by week, month, year
  • Payback/Savings performance can be viewed on-site and over the web.
  • View performance on your PC or Smart Phone
  • Compatible with all standard industry temperature and relative humidity sensors

ACT EMS Components

System Capabilities:

The ACT-EMS system is capable of monitoring multiple WAHX systems. Each ACT-EMS includes an Ethernet switch that has the ability to network multiple air handlers. Data from these air handlers can again be viewed locally by adding HMI’s local to the air handler or over the web. The PC-Based controller and HMI are programmable over the web via their IP address.

PC-Based Controller Input types:

The Relative Humidity (RH) sensors for each of the four readings convert RH to 4-20mA. The temperature inputs can be from any type of platinum 2, 3, or 4 wire RTD averaging sensor or thermocouples of any type.

Network Structure

The ACT-EMS system has many options when it comes to installation.  If there are multiple air handlers on a roof top their RH & temperature sensors can be hard-wired to a central ACT-EMS system.  Each air handler will have its own display page screen on the HMI. A second approach can be a centralized ACT-EMS connecting each air handlers ACT-EMS system via an Ethernet cable. A third option is a wireless scheme using WIFI routers.  Each wireless ACT-EMS has its own IP address so that the data can be viewed for each individual air handler.
ACT EMS Network Configuration

Historical Data

Each ACT-EMS system is configured to retain up to a year’s worth of data.  All of the temperature, RH, and calculated energy savings are saved for further analysis in a CSV file format. MS-Excel is then used to open the file for sharing or further evaluation.

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