Wrap-Around Enhanced Dehumidification Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

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Wrap-Around Heat pipe Heat ExchangerFeatures:

  • Quick return on investment (under 2 years) from energy savings
  • Enhanced dehumidification by pre-cooling incoming airstreams
  • Totally passive, no moving parts or system maintenance
  • Installing an ACT-HP-WAHX may result in the choice of a smaller AHU
  • Eliminates typical overcooling to dehumidify, plus free passive reheating of the buildings entering airstream

Areas of Applications: Dedicated Outside Air Facilities With >70%+ Outside Air.  Areas with high-variable latent loads:

  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Fitness Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Universities
  • Condos/hotels
  • Food & Restaurant Facilities

Optimize Your Energy Efficiency With ACT Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers;

ACT Wrap Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Large WAHX Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

ACT-HP-WAHX systems are used to change the performance of the active cooling coil (chilled water or DX).  In air conditioning and dehumidification applications, especially where the amount of outside air is relatively high (40% or more) for ventilation and indoor air quality purposes, the cooling coil must lower the temperature of the air and also condense out excess moisture.  Reducing the temperature of the air is called sensible cooling and condensing moisture is called latent cooling.

As air passes through the cooling coil, the temperature reduces to the dew point (sensible only cooling).  Once the dew point is met, moisture begins to condense and the temperature continues to reduce (latent and sensible cooling).  In a HP-WAHX installation, the cold air coming off of the cooling coil reduces the temperature of the heat pipes. The cooler heat pipes absorb heat from the incoming warm air stream pre-cooling it prior to reaching the cooling coil.  The sensible cooling performed by the HP-WAHX reduces the initial sensible cooling load on the cooling coil allowing it to more quickly reach the dew point.  The cooling coil can now use more of its capacity to remove latent heat (moisture) and achieve a lower discharge temperature. Essentially, the HP-WAHX is changing the sensible heat ratio of the cooling coil to enhance latent heat or moisture removal.

The lower temperature discharge air holds less absolute moisture (grains of water/pound of air).  Therefore, when it is warmed back up to room temperature, the result will be a lower relative humidity in the conditioned space.  The warm-up process is partially by the free, passive re-heat from the HP-WAHX coil. The design of the ACT-HP-WAHX can be tailored (number of rows, fin pitch, etc.) to achieve the desired amount of enhanced dehumidification.

The U.S. Department of Energy accurately describes the need to not only cool, but also dehumidify your indoor environments to achieve comfort in hot and humid climates.  Air conditioners may not be optimal to achieve both cooling and dehumidification, but the addition of heat pipes to current systems are ideal for hot and humid environments to achieve a comfortable humidity level.  Read more from the US Department of Energy on how heat pipes can help…

Increased Dehumidification Performance and Enhanced AHU Performance Example:





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