Fuel Research

Solar Powered Generation of Synfuels

 ACT has developed a very high-temperature refractory-metal heat pipe-based reactor for thermochemical fuel production.  Using heat pipes enables efficient heat transfer to the working material which is typically a low conductivity metal oxide and can further enable the thermal cycling of the material without moving parts.  Alternative low-temperature thermochemical cycles are also explored with the intent to identify efficient cycles that can ideally operate at 1000ºC or below.

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Fuel-Flexible Hybrid Solar Coal Gasification Reactor

ACT designed, fabricated, and tested a gasification reactor made from an annular high-temperature heat pipe with an integrated fluidized bed gasification reactor.  The separated combustion zone enables low carbon-emitting fuels to be used to provide process heat. Additionally, the steam for the gasification process is generated from solar energy which further reduces energy requirements for the gasification process and its associated carbon dioxide emissions.

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Stabilized Nanofluids for Enhanced Combustion Energy

Shows the ability to increase the enthalpy of combustion of liquid fuels by preventing agglomeration and oxidation of the aluminum particles.

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Thermal Desorption of Contaminants from Coal using Spouted Bed Reactor

The spouted bed reactor utilizes gas injected vertically upwards through a single central orifice into a bed of solid particles.

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