Custom Thermal Solutions for Transportation-Related Industries


There is a demand for lighter weight, higher power, greater fuel efficiency and more electronic gadgetry in products. ACT’s active and passive heat-dissipating and heat spreading technologies can be used to provide effective thermal management for Automotive, Rail, Shipping, and other transport industries.

This includes products that are ideal for Waste Heat Recovery. We have heat pipes that span temperature range from ~-150ºC to >1,000ºC.  Our heat dissipation/transfer systems can handle kW’s of power.

Automotive Design Engineers are seeking newer, better thermal management technologies to meet these increasingly challenging requirements. ACT has broad Thermal Management experience in both Passive and Active Cooling Technologies. This can be especially useful as Automotive Design Engineers deal with thermal challenges in areas such as:

  • Battery Thermal Management – Hybrid and Plug-In Electric Vehicles
  • Power Electronics and Engine Control Thermal Management
  • IGBT and MOSFET Thermal Management
  • Waste Heat Recovery and Emissions Reduction
  • Brake and Suspension Cooling Systems
  • Seat Heating and Cooling

Electric Vehicle Battery Thermal Management

ACT’s active and passive heat dissipating and heat spreading technologies can be effectively used to maximize battery life. ACT designs and builds Liquid Cold Plates and Vapor Chambers/Heat Sink Assemblies for these applications.


ACT offers thermal analysis, design, prototyping, and volume manufacturing services. We have thermal engineers with years of practical experience, custom and commercial software for thermal analysis and design and a manufacturing operation certified to meet the latest ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality standards. We’re quite flexible in how we work with our customers. Big company or small, simple fabrication or revolutionary thermal design – We can handle it all.

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