ACT Acquires Parker Hannifin’s Precision Cooling Business-Update

Pumped Two-Phase Cooling Technology

In January of 2019, ACT acquired Parker Hannifin Corporation’s Precision Cooling Business (PCB). Parker’s PCB was an industrial leader in Pumped Two-Phase (P2P) or Two-Phase Pumped Loop (TTPL) technology. At the time, we were extremely excited to add Parker PCB’s P2P design and manufacturing know-how, industrial heritage, supply chain connections, and a growing customer base to our already expansive portfolio two-phase thermal solutions portfolio.

Three and a half years later… we remain excited! To date, we have successfully serviced the existing customer base, including continuous production on a 30kW air-cooled P2P system for an industry-leading energy customer and a 30kW high voltage naval electronics integrator using a liquid-to-liquid condenser. In both cases, ACT provided the entire Fluid Distribution Unit (FDU) as well as the evaporator assemblies.  In addition to servicing the existing customer base, ACT has acquired dozens of new, industry-leading customers providing advanced systems to diverse markets and applications. From electric aircraft to high-end manufacturing equipment to medium voltage drives to rugged military applications, ACT has seen P2P systems provide customers energy consumption advantages, high intrinsic safety and reliability and performance benefits.

Looking ahead, it’s our mission to continue to help customers solve industries’ most complex thermal challenges with value-engineered solutions. Our growing engineering team has continued to evolve our P2P expertise, including in-house tools for evaporator design, balance of plant and qualification equipment, and procedures all designed with the end customer in mind. The continued investment into this technology is an investment to our customers; it’s our goal to accelerate design, fabrication and qualification cycles for customers considering P2P cooling.

What Is Pumped Two-Phase Cooling Technology?

Pumped two-phase cooling is an active cooling solution that minimizes waste heat production by evaporating and condensing a portion of working fluids to transfer the heat. Liquids nearing saturation begin to boil when pumped into the cold plate, causing the electronics to cool while energy is stored in the fluid’s latent heat. The two-phase liquid and vapor fluid then travel into the condenser, which removes the heat and condenses the vapor. This process ensures that no single-phase fluids, or liquids, remain.

Pumped two-phase cooling systems have many capabilities, such as transferring heat over long distances, cooling high heat flux electronics and cooling multiple cold plates in parallel. These technologies can operate in any orientation and deliver cooling over large areas.

Pumped two-phase cooling has many significant benefits compared to single-phase cooling. Some of these advantages include:

  • Lower flow rates
  • Reduced pumping power
  • System size-reduction
  • More uniform surface temperature distribution
  • Higher heat flux removal capacity
  • Practical dielectric working fluid usage
  • Clogging prevention

About Advanced Cooling Technologies

At Advanced Cooling Technologies, we’ve served as innovators in our industry since our establishment in 2003. Today, we’re still dedicated to excellence in research, development and manufacturing, enabling us to create high-quality thermal management products geared toward our customers’ needs.

We are committed to manufacturing custom two-phase heat transfer technologies for countless industrial markets ranging from aviation to medical to energy. As your premier thermal management solutions company, we offer a diverse line of products designed to deliver the ideal solution to your unique thermal challenges.

Some of the many advanced thermal technology solutions we offer include:

Invest in Advanced Pumped Two-Phase Cooling Technology

If you’re looking to invest in state-of-the-art pumped two-phase cooling, you can find the solutions you need at Advanced Cooling Technologies. Over our many years of service, our research and development company has grown into a leading manufacturer of thermal management solutions for a wide range of industries. We are proud to have the knowledge and experience of an industry leader and the agility of a small company, enabling us to meet each customer’s unique needs.

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