ACT Announces Additional Products On-Orbit

ACT Announces Additional Products On-Orbit

Lancaster, PA- Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) ( announced today that a second satellite carrying its Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHP’s) has been launched. Orbital Sciences Corporation, who manufactured and tested the spacecraft, confirmed that the CCHP’s are operating as designed. Including this launch, the total combined operational time of ACT CCHPs is over 23,000 hours.

“This clearly demonstrates our ability to routinely manufacture complex satellite thermal control products”, says John Hartenstine, Manager of ACT Aerospace Products Group. “We are pleased with this recent launch which expands our flight heritage and are excited about additional launches in 2010.”

The team members of ACTs Aerospace Group include a diverse skill set, making the group capable of solving the most demanding thermal management problems. The team’s customer focused approach is driving rapid growth and allowing ACT to quickly become a trusted supplier of advanced research and development, thermal management consulting services and flight quality products.

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