ACT announces Licensing Agreement

Lancaster, PA – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced today an agreement with The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) for an exclusive license on the Momentum-driven Vortex Phase Separator (MDVPS) Technology developed by the Interphase Transport Phenomena Group of the Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) under the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES).

The addition of MDVPS technology greatly expands ACT’s already impressive portfolio of two-phase technology.

Using the intrinsic momentum of a two-phase flow, the MDVPS produces complete separation of the phases. This allows for direct contact heat and mass transfer, as well as management of system transients through the accumulation of either phase. Designs are robust, compact, and involve no moving parts or seals, thus yielding unparalleled reliability and significantly reduced maintenance requirements. The technology has been demonstrated to perform well in any orientation and under microgravity or accelerations up to twice that of gravity, including inverse loads. This makes the technology suitable for phase separation in both Aerospace and Terrestrial applications.

Advanced application of the MDVPS technology allows ACT to design for higher heat transport with a reduction in overall system size and resistance to acceleration loads. Advanced applications currently under development include, but are not limited to, Geothermal, Air Conditioning, Humidity Control, Purification, Vapor Compression, and Two-phase Thermal Bus Architecture.

“It’s an exciting technology that has the potential for broad market segments”, said Dr. Jon Zuo, President and Chief Technical Officer of ACT. “We’re very pleased to have a partner in Texas A&M in our commercialization effort.”

“The Space Engineering Research Center here at Texas A&M has been pleased to work with ACT for several years. ACT’s cutting edge technologies dovetail nicely with SERC’s research and development activities. Thus, we are very happy to partner with ACT in the commercialization of the MDVPS,” said Dr. Frederick Best, Director of SERC.

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