ACT Announces the Expansion of its Aerospace Heat Pipe Production Facilities

ACT Announces the Expansion of its Aerospace Heat Pipe Production Facilities

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – May, 19, 2008 – Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. (ACT) announces the expansion of its aerospace heat pipe production facilities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ACT’s aerospace heat pipe products are used for thermal control of satellites and other spacecraft by commercial, military and government customers.

The expanded aerospace manufacturing facility measures approximately 2,000 ft2, including chemical and mechanical cleaning stations, ultra high vacuum systems, high purity fluid processing stations, aerospace welding stations, high temperature ovens, and various processing and testing fixtures. This expansion allows ACT’s aerospace heat pipe production to transition from a batch processing mode to a dedicated production line, increasing its monthly throughput to more than 100 flight grade heat pipes. The manufacturing facility allows for additional upgrades to even higher production throughputs as required by customer demands.

“This expansion represents our strong commitment to the aerospace market”, said Mr. John Hartenstine, Manager of ACT’s Aerospace Products Group, “With the increased production capacity, we will be able to serve our aerospace customers with quicker turnaround time in addition to our trademark customer services and competitive prices”.

ACT’s aerospace heat pipe products include Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs) and Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHPs). These products are used by satellite manufactures to provide cooling and temperature control of onboard electronics, payloads and instruments. Photographs of some of ACT’s CCHP and VCHP products are shown below.

ACT is a developer and manufacturer of advanced heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops, and thermal storage devices. ACT specializes in technology development and custom thermal product design and manufacturing. ACT’s technologies have been used in applications from spacecraft thermal control to catalytic reactor cooling to medical surgery temperature control. ACT currently serves customers worldwide in Aerospace, Military, Commercial, and Government R&D markets. Many of these customers are in the Fortune Global 500 list.

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