ACT Awarded over $3M in R&D Contracts

Analysis of a Heat Pipe Chamber

Analysis of a Heat Pipe Chamber

Lancaster, PA October 10, 2016 – Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT), announced today that it is continuing its rapid technology diversification through multiple R&D contract wins.  In 2015 and early 2016 ACT was awarded over 15 new contracts, totaling more than 3 million dollars, through government-funded Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR) and Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) programs.  These contracts were awarded from several different government agencies, including DOE, DOD (Air Force, Army, Navy), and NASA.  These contracts will enable development of innovative thermal management technologies and perform R&D in new areas that include corrosion-resistant coatings, energy conservation, and unique test rigs.

According to Dr. William Anderson, Chief Engineer at ACT, “In addition to our research on thermal technologies, these awards demonstrate ACT’s continued diversification into R&D areas such as combustion, power plant dry cooling, and advanced modeling.”

Notable examples of recent awards include:

  • Development of Novel Peridynamics Framework for Corrosion Fatigue Damage Prediction (Navy)
  • Enhanced Dropwise Condensation for Improved Dry Cooling Efficiency (DOE)
  • Vapor Chamber with Phase Change Material-Based Wick Structure for Thermal Control of Manned Spacecraft (NASA)
  • Titanium-Water Heat Pipe Radiator for Spacecraft Fission Power (NASA)
  • Hybrid Heat Pipes for High Heat Flux Applications (NASA)
  • A Non-Catalytic JP-8 Reformer (DOE)
  • An Innovative VOCs Incinerator (DOE)
  • Hot Surface Ignition Test Apparatus (Air Force)
  • Environmental Control Unit with Integrated Thermal Storage (Air Force)
  • Innovative High Temperature Heat Pipes for Space Nuclear Fission (NASA)
  • Active Thermal Control System Optimization (Navy)
  • PCM-Based Ocean Thermal Energy Harvesting System (Navy)
  • Design & Development of Low CTE, High Heat Flux Vapor Chambers for Power Module Cooling (Army)
  • Multi-physics tool for predicting fatigue crack propagation using Phase field models (Navy)
  • Physics-based Toolkit for Progressive Damage Prediction in Composites (Navy)

This year, ACT has continued to expand its R&D into new areas such as:

  • Physics based modeling of fatigue crack propagation in composites and corrosion phenomena in metals
  • Hypersonics
  • Advanced thermal storage for dry power plant cooling and air conditioning
  • Combustion research for air pollution control, and test rig design for turbine combustion research
  • Development of a copper/water heat pipe test rig for testing on the International Space Station

Many of ACT’s R&D programs are in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.  Ahe academic partners in the past year include: Columbia University, Drexel University, Florida State University, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M, University of California, Merced, University of Maryland, and the University of Southern California.

High Temperature Test Rig uses an Alkali Metal Vapor Chamber to Map Out the Flammability Limit During a Fuel Spill

High Temperature Test Rig uses an Alkali Metal Vapor Chamber to Map Out the Flammability Limit During a Fuel Spill


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ACT specializes in advanced thermal technology development and custom thermal product manufacturing. ACT designs and manufactures cold plates, HiK™ plates, heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops and thermal storage devices for customers in diverse markets including Aerospace, Electronics, Temperature Calibration, Medical Device, and Energy Recovery Systems.

ACT’s team consists of personnel with established track records in technology development, commercialization and production. Many of them were involved in the pioneering work on heat pipes, loop heat pipes and other single and two-phase heat transfer devices. They are the inventors/co-inventors on numerous U.S. and international patents and the authors/co-authors of hundreds of scientific publications.

The R&D team at ACT has engineers with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, nuclear, materials, manufacturing and physics. Their expertise assures we can serve wide variety of material, thermal and modeling challenges in diverse applications.

ACT’s Facility measures more than 50,000 square feet, including office, laboratory and manufacturing spaces. With ISO9001 and AS9100 certified quality system in place, the facility has designed and manufactured high quality, cost effective, thermal management solutions for dozens of mission critical satellite, and military programs as well as for numerous commercial applications. Simultaneously ACT’s broad and diverse R&D efforts are developing thermal solutions for tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

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