ACT Awarded Production Build of Pumped Two Phase (P2P) Systems for Fairlead Integrated

Lancaster, PA, June 23, 2020

ACT was recently awarded two contracts by Fairlead Integrated, a major supplier to the U.S. Navy, for manufacture and delivery of twenty-five (25) Pumped Two Phase cooling loops. These loops are built and installed into ruggedized cabinets provided by Fairlead. Fairlead and ACT began working together shortly after ACT’s acquisition of Parker Hannifin’s Precision Cooling Business in early 2019. These systems utilize Pumped Two-Phase (P2P) technology which provides thermal performance and packaging benefits to Fairlead and ultimately to the Navy. “ACT is proud to supply these leading-edge thermal systems to our customers which in turn enables them to provide the highest quality and highest reliability power electronics systems to the Navy”, said Scott Garner, Vice President of ACT’s Industrial Products Group.

On previous builds, ACT further developed a brazing process that now yields successful, consistent results on the numerous challenging joints on this assembly. This is one example of continuous improvement and manufacturing efficiency gains ACT has achieved in our P2P products. These are highly complex systems, and ACT will deliver one to two units per month spaced through October of 2021.

In addition to Naval Systems, ACT’s P2P products are implemented in energy and industrial power electronics applications. The customizable technology allows for higher total power, higher localized power, consistent heat distribution and smaller packaging compared to traditional pumped single-phase cooling. In addition, P2P systems leverage di-electric working fluid which adds reliability. ACT works closely with our customers, such as Fairlead, to assure the system is properly designed and long-term performance can be achieved.

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