ACT Delivers Titanium Heat Pipe Radiator Demonstration Units to NASA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – October 1, 2006 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has delivered titanium heat pipe radiator demonstration units to NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) for thermal control of high temperature space power systems.

These radiator panels consist of titanium/water heat pipes and carbon graphite fins for operation at temperatures of 200°C and beyond. The project was funded by NASA GRC for space nuclear power system thermal control. Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) was the subcontractor to ACT on this project. ATK fabricated the radiator panel materials and integrated ACT’s titanium heat pipes into the panels. NASA GRC will test the radiator demonstration units in a thermo-vacuum chamber to fully characterize the thermal performance.

Through this project and a number of other efforts, ACT has developed the process to design and manufacture aerospace grade titanium heat pipes and loop heat pipes. This covers life test, wick design, heat pipe fabrication, heat pipe-to-panel interface, and thermal cycling. These activities have been funded by NASA, the Air Force, U.S. aerospace contractors, commercial companies, and ACT’s Internal Research & Development (IR&D) Program.

ACT currently continues the titanium heat pipe development through a number of customer funded projects for specific applications.

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