ACT Develops and Builds an Environmental Test Chamber for New Heat Pipe Based Energy Recovery Product Line

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May 22, 2012 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has announced today that it has developed and built an environmental test chamber for its line of Heat Pipe based Energy Recovery products. The test chamber creates psychometric conditions that fully test the capabilities of ACT’s HP-WA Wrap-Around Energy Recovery Dehumidification Systems. For air handling applications requiring a significant amount of Direct Outside Air (DOAS), ACT’s HP-WA Wrap-Around Dehumidification Systems effectively pre-cool the incoming air stream, allowing the active cooling coil to condense more moisture and then passively re-heating the air to a near neutral condition prior to discharging into the conditioned space. The system can save thousands of dollars annually.

The ACT HP-WA Wrap-Around Unit under test is subjected to variables in airflow rate up to 1,200cfm and can generate outside air temperatures and humidity characteristic of Southern and Northern US climates. The purpose of the testing is to record the performance of the system (temperatures, relative humidity’s, and pressure drops) based on incoming temperature, humidity, and airspeed. Tests are performed in accordance with AHRI standards. The testing results are then used to calculate the benefits of pre-cooling and reheating. Savings are estimated with gas & electric reheat methods compared to transfer capabilities of the ACT-HP-WA Wrap-Around System.

ACT-HP-WA Enhanced Dehumidification System Operation:

The system is designed in a “U” shape to wrap-around the existing evaporator coil of an HVAC system. By adding a pre-cool heat pipe the system now functions more efficiently and can perform higher levels of latent cooling and increased dehumidification. Smaller capacity air conditioning systems can be designed with enhanced performance due to increased latent and sensible cooling performance.

The design passively pre-cools return or direct outside air prior to the evaporator coil and then reheats the air (also passively) after the coil. The result is reduced system energy/operating costs in the thousands of dollars per year. The ACT-HP-WA wrap–around design adds a small but manageable increase in static pressure which moderately increases the fan power requirement; however, this small increase in fan power is nearly negligible compared to the sizable reduction in power consumption of the total system.

ACT-HP-WA Wrap-Around systems can be specified for existing equipment in a variety of coil configurations. Each system is optimized for the region of installation. Cost benefits can be projected prior to installation. Installations from Northern States to typical high humidity Southern States can take advantage of ACT-HP-WA Wrap-Around performance. Agricultural and food processing are additional markets that can benefit from ACT-HP HVAC systems.

ACT-HP-WA Wrap-Around and ACT-HP-ERS System Advantages:

  • No moving parts or maintenance
  • Space efficient
  • Equipment capacity can be potentially reduced
  • Enhanced humidity/latent load performance improvements
  • Easy to retro-fit to increase the efficiency of existing systems
  • ROI 1-3 year from saving in electrical or gas reheat energy



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