ACT Expands to New Market with First Grant from USDA

Poultry Growhouse

Poultry Growhouse (Used with permission: University of Georgia Poultry Environmental Management and Energy Conservation)

Lancaster, PA  May 15, 2017 –  Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) announces its recent win of a Phase I grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop thermal management technology specifically to improve animal welfare in poultry grow houses. The low cost, dust resistant poultry house heat exchanger represents the first ever funding for ACT by the USDA.

Adequate ventilation has been recognized as one of the most influential factors in maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for these chickens.  However,  poultry heat exchangers can quickly become blocked with feathers and dust.

The awarded project will develop an ultra-low cost “inflatable” heat exchanger design, which can be replaced when it clogs at little expense.  This solution is a progressive improvement over the commonly used rigid fin and tube heat exchanger coils.

R&D Engineer Brian Schwartz led the project and commented, “I received such enthusiastic support from our local agricultural experts. Turning this project into products we can sell to benefit local farmers and their animals is really inspiring.”

ACT’s innovative Research and Development group continues to seek out novel and diverse opportunities in new markets beyond common thermal management applications.  For more information on ACT’s R&D group and their innovations, please visit

About ACT

ACT specializes in advanced thermal technology development and custom thermal product manufacturing. ACT designs and manufactures cold plates, HiK™ plates, heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops and thermal storage devices for customers in diverse markets including Aerospace, Electronics, Temperature Calibration, Medical Device, and Energy Recovery Systems.

ACT’s team consists of personnel with established track records in technology development, commercialization and production. Many of them were involved in the pioneering work on heat pipes, loop heat pipes and other single and two-phase heat transfer devices. They are the inventors/co-inventors on numerous U.S. and international patents and the authors/co-authors of hundreds of scientific publications.

The R&D team at ACT has engineers with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, nuclear, materials, manufacturing and physics. Their expertise assures we can serve wide variety of material, thermal and modeling challenges in diverse applications.

ACT’s Facility measures more than 50,000 square feet, including office, laboratory and manufacturing spaces. With ISO9001 and AS9100 certified quality system in place, the facility has designed and manufactured high quality, cost effective, thermal management solutions for dozens of mission critical satellite, and military programs as well as for numerous commercial applications. Simultaneously ACT’s broad and diverse R&D efforts are developing thermal solutions for tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

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