ACT Expands Target Markets to Include Aviation

Lancaster, Pennsylvania –September 6, 2011. Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced today that their Aerospace Products Group is expanding its market focus to include thermal management products for Aircraft Avionics.  Since 2006, ACT’s Aerospace Products Group has been focusing on delivering thermal control products for satellite and other spacecraft thermal control.  Having been highly successful, with over 200,000 hours of combined on-orbit heritage, the Aerospace Products Group is now leveraging their unique skills to provide thermal solutions that meet and exceed the challenging requirements for Aircraft Avionics.

“ACT continues to expand its product offerings in thermally challenged applications and markets,” says John Hartenstine, Manager of the Aerospace Products Group. “Thermal management of avionics is a significant limiting factor in military and commercial aircraft”, continues Hartenstine, “conventional thermal solutions can no longer keep pace with the ever increasing system demands and environmental operating conditions. ACT is meeting the challenge utilizing our vast experience in the design and development of advanced thermal systems. In addition, ACT’s AS9100B certified quality management system assures our thermal control products for aircraft aviation are manufactured to the highest industry standards.”

ACT works closely with its customers to identify thermal issues, and design and develop optimum cooling solutions within their schedule and price targets. Its areas of expertise include heat pipes and related technologies, pumped single and two-phase systems, vapor compression and thermoelectric cooling systems, and thermal storage.   ACT uses the most up-to-date tools to offer a complete range of services, such as feasibility studies, trade studies, design and analysis, product design, prototype manufacture and test, and full-scale, moderate volume production. If you have a need for thermal management, or would like to learn more, call an ACT representative today.

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