ACT Heat Pipes Reach 10 Million Hours On-Orbit Milestone

An example of one of ACT’s CCHPs currently in Orbit

An example of one of ACT’s CCHPs currently in Orbit

An example of one of ACT’s CCHPs currently in Orbit

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – March 1, 2016. Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) announced today that its Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHP’s) have successfully surpassed 10 million total hours in-orbit, providing reliable thermal management on-board satellites and ISS cargo resupply vehicles. The CCHP’s provide passive thermal control for critical systems including avionics, batteries, high sensitivity optics, sophisticated scientific instruments, and communication equipment. Over 500 of ACT’s CCHPs are currently installed and operating on-board dozens of spacecraft for missions including communications, meteorology, and national security.

“Our rapid growth in the aerospace market is a testimony to ACT’s commitment to quality, affordability, and on time delivery to our customers,” says Mike DeChristopher, Lead Engineer of Defense Aerospace Products Group.  “As new and returning customers continue to trust ACT with their critical thermal management needs, we are excited and proud to participate in the supply chain for such an elite and growing market.”

ACT’s Defense Aerospace Products Group consists of personnel having diverse engineering and technical skills, making the group capable of solving some of the most demanding thermal management problems in military, spacecraft and aircraft. The group’s customer-focused approach is driving rapid growth and allowing ACT to quickly become a trusted supplier of flight-quality products, advanced research and development, and thermal management consulting services for the aerospace industry.  The group’s satellite thermal control products include:

    • Build-to-print, or custom designs
    • Embedded and External Mount
    • In-House and Custom Extrusions
    • 2D and 3D Configurations
    • Integration with Radiators
    • Aerospace Qualified Soldered Assemblies
  • Titanium Struts
  • Accumulators

The group also provides complete thermal and mechanical design and analysis services for spacecraft Thermal Control Systems.

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