ACT awarded Large Scale International Medical Center Project for Air-to-Air Energy Recovery

Lancaster, PA – May 21, 2015 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has been selected to supply twenty, custom air-to-air heat pipe heat exchanger(AAHXs) for an international medical center project. Ten of the AAHXs are large, side-by-side units. The other nine of the AAHXs are unique, space-saving split and bent design. The remaining AAHX is an innovative, center split, passive loop thermosyphon at over 27 feet long by 12 feet high and will be assembled and charged on-site by an ACT installation team.  

During the winter months, ACT’s energy recovery AAHX products capture waste heat from air streams to pre-heat the incoming make-up air. An important biological health safety requirement with hospitals is that the thermal energy is transferred without any cross contamination between the exhaust air and the make-up air. The energy recovery AAHXs are installed throughout the twenty story medical facility, from the basement to the roof top. Based on the success of this project, ACT and its customer will evaluate the feasibility of using ACT’s Wrap-Around Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers (WAHXs) for enhanced dehumidification and energy savings during the summer air conditioning season.  

HospitalACT was selected over competing technologies for its comprehensive thermal management experience. “Our ability to customize the energy recovery units to fit the complicated installation environment made all the difference for this customer”, commented Mark Stevens, Business Development Manager for ACT’s Energy Recovery Products Group. The project will be completed in July, 2015. The total installed system has an estimated payback period of less than 48 months.  

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