ACT Launches Technical Services Business Group

ACT Launches Technical Services Business Group

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – July 28, 2010 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced the launch of a new Technical Services business group.  The Technical Services Group offers a complete range of thermal engineering services to a wide variety of private and government organizations. These services range from initial concept generation to product design to delivery of a complete procurement package for a qualified thermal solution, and everything in-between.

“Technical Services is a natural extension to our existing Product and R&D businesses”, said Dr. Jon Zuo, President and Chief Technical Officer of ACT, “Our new Technical Services Group will assist our customers early in their product development process to address thermal issues in the most effective, economical and timely manner.”

The Technical Services Group is led by Mr. Peter Ritt who recently joined ACT as the Vice President of Technical Services. Mr. Ritt is a former RCA/Thomson executive and holder of 20 U.S. patents on display technologies. Among his management roles, Ritt served as the Thomson/Lancaster R&D Center’s business manager. “We have developed some exciting new service offerings”, said Mr. Ritt, “Also importantly, we have assembled an experienced team of experts to work with our customers to resolve their thermal challenges.”

With more than 25 engineers (many of whom possess advanced engineering degrees), ACT has not only a strong heat pipe heritage, but also a diverse thermal technology portfolio. Ongoing technology development initiatives include: pumped two phase loops, thermal storage, advanced vapor compression systems, catalytic reaction and nanotechnology.  Discussing the technical services scope, Mr. Ritt stated “We have added some new service offerings such as trade studies, advanced thermal simulations, and fixed price high level assessments into our more traditional services such as design, analysis and product testing. We feel our cost competitive and customizable service offerings will be favorably received in the market.” The Technical Services Group has recently scored project wins in the medical, power generation, defense and aerospace industries and is rapidly expanding into other sectors. Mr. Ritt concluded “the fact that these services are being provided by our experienced, well-recognized technical staff represents a very exciting opportunity for us and our customers”.


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