ACT Partners for STEAM Afterschool Education

Members of ACT’s CSR group partnered with Millersville University engineering students to create an activity for a three-week STEAM team event for students of Carter & MacRae Elementary School. The three-week program was one day a week, after school where the students had the opportunity to try to crack the Water is Lava activity which was created in collaboration with ACT engineers. The activity was to create a boat that was able to keep an ice cube from melting while it’s surrounded by heat. The insulated boat needed to protect the ice cube from the sun (hairdryers) and molten lava (hot water). “This was a truly enriching experience for us, as much as it was for the students who participated. We were able to take complicated thermal management concepts and simplify them to help the students learn through intuition and hands-on experience. We’re grateful for the opportunity to give back to the local community. I hope we can do more activities like this in the future!” said Sai Srinivas – R&D Engineer I

If you’d like to collaborate with ACT’s CSR program on an educational program related to STEAM, please reach out to

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