ACT’s Durable, Sealed Enclosure Coolers: Delivered for Operation at Wastewater Facility

Lancaster, PA, October 11 2019 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has recently delivered a large number of sealed enclosure coolers to a wastewater facility in Texas. This shipment consisted of two (2) product part numbers, HSC-45 and HSC-68, from ACT’s Enclosure Cooling Product Line. Both part numbers were selected for their NEMA 4X (corrosion resistance) rating, superior thermal performances and compatible packaging form factors.

ACT has been providing sealed enclosure coolers for multiple industries since 2016. The product line spans from traditional heat sink coolers (HSC) to compact heat pipe coolers (HPC) to sub-ambient thermoelectric coolers (TEC). Wastewater plants have become a very large user of NEMA rated enclosure coolers due to the environmental protection and efficient cooling provided; as such, the HSC and HPC coolers are strong fits for these types of applications that do not require sub-ambient internal cabinet temperatures.

In addition to the wastewater industry, ACT has increased production of their enclosure cooler product line to service global customers in need of dust and water-sealed electronics cabinets. Other applications using these coolers include partially or fully automated factories, recreational activities (golf courses, amusement parks, etc.) and outdoor communication equipment.

About ACT
ACT is a developer and manufacturer of advanced thermal management solutions for customers in diverse markets including Aerospace, Defense, Temperature Calibration, Medical devices, and Energy Recovery Systems. ACT’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania facility measures more than 65,000 square feet and is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 quality standards. For more information, please visit

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