ACT Qualifies Extrusions for Ammonia and Ethane Heat Pipes

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – July 31, 2006 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has completed qualification of several extrusions for ammonia and ethane heat pipes for aerospace thermal control applications.

ACT has developed and demonstrated the equipment and processes required to manufacture aerospace quality heat pipes.

“The qualification process is both detailed and rigorous”, says Mr. Peter Dussinger, a lead engineer for aerospace products at ACT. “Custom precision extrusions are measured and tested to assure that the extrusion meets the desired performance. Pressure tests, precise geometric measurements, and full scale heat pipe performance tests are some of the qualification processes applied to each extrusion. The heat pipes used in the qualification tests are manufactured to exacting aerospace standards. For example, the extrusions are cleaned using a multi-step procedure. The working fluids used in the heat pipes are electronics grade or better; and then, triple distilled for even higher quality. The heat pipes are rigorously tested across a wide range of operating and survival temperatures at various adverse elevation orientations. Once the pipe has been shown to be free of non-condensable gases and the appropriate fluid charge has been set, the pipe is hermetically sealed. We also operate several of the qualification pipes indefinitely as life test pipes.”

“We have the design know-how, manufacturing process and quality control in place to meet the most stringent aerospace heat pipe requirements”, says Mr. Scott Garner, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ACT. “Equally importantly, we’re committed to providing our customers the best services to ensure their missions’ success.”

ACT is a developer and manufacturer of advanced heat pipes, pumped liquid and two-phase loops, and thermal storage devices. ACT specializes in technology development and custom thermal product design and manufacturing. ACT’s technologies have been used in applications from spacecraft thermal control to catalytic reactor cooling to medical surgery temperature control. ACT currently serves customers worldwide in Aerospace, Military, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Energy Systems, Calibration Equipment, and Government R&D markets. The company’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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