ACT Receives NASA and Army Contracts to Develop Advanced Thermal Management Technologies for Next Generation Space Radiator and Ground Vehicle Applications

December 19, 2004, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has received a prime contract from the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) to develop an advanced space radiator technology that operates in the temperature range of 20°C to 300°C and offers significant weight reduction. This prime contract will be carried out in two phases, with the Phase I efforts focusing on the radiator trade study and conceptual design and the Phase II efforts focusing on fabricating and testing a radiator demonstration unit. The final testing at the end of Phase II will take place at the test facility at NASA GRC.

Dr. William Anderson, a Principal Engineer of ACT, is the Principal Investigator and Program Manager on the contract. Subcontractors on this project include Composite Optics, Inc., of San Diego, California. The University of Michigan provides consulting to the project on the radiator design optimization.

ACT has also received a SBIR Phase I contract from the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command to develop an integrated thermal management system that is capable of acquiring high heat fluxes from discrete sources and interfacing with the existing infrastructure of next generation vehicles. Other important features include minimal power consumption and minimal requirement for system control. The advanced thermal management technology will directly support the Army’s next generation weapon systems and tactical vehicles that require significant improvements in survivability, efficiency and performance.

Dr. Jon Zuo, Chief Technical Officer of ACT, is the Principal Investigator on this contract.

ACT is in the contract negotiation process on another SBIR Phase I contract from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This project will develop a robust, high heat flux cooling loop technology for thermal control of spacecraft for future deep space missions. Dr. Jon Zuo will be the Principal Investigator on this contract.

ACT is a high technology small business specializing in heat transfer technologies. Founded in January 2003 and headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ACT’s mission is to develop innovative thermal technologies and provide technology based thermal products to customers in electronics, energy systems, aerospace, military and government sectors. ACT’s two main business areas are Technology Development and Engineering Services & Products. The Technology Development business undertakes both externally and internally sponsored research and development activities. The Engineering Services & Products business designs and fabricates thermal devices and systems that satisfy customers’ specific thermal and mechanical requirements.


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