ACT’s 800°C Vapor Chamber Highlights New Opportunities in Manufacturing, Energy Markets

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is seeing new emerging applications for their high temperature heat pipe products across multiple industries.  For the past 9 years, ACT has developed a world class reputation supplying high temperature Isothermal Furnace Liners (IFL’s) and Blackbody Cavity Heat Pipes to industry leading international institutions in the temperature calibration industry.  These products provide ultra-high temperature uniformity (<0.1°C) in the 400°C to 1,100°C temperature range.  The high temperature heat pipe product line has been adapted to meet the performance demands of other emerging industries with a variety of different form, fit, and function requirements.

“The use of thin, flat vapor chamber form factors to isothermalize carriers used in many manufacturing processes highlights the versatility of our high temperature heat pipe products,” said Mr. Richard Bonner, Manager of Custom Products at ACT.  The increased temperature uniformity allows manufacturing engineers to produce advanced materials with stringent thermal process requirements, while increasing yield due to the improved temperature control.  The vapor chambers act as heat regulating shields, blanketing the carried products from any temperature non-uniformities as they travel through various zone furnaces.

“These high performance high temperature products are providing growth opportunities in the  renewable energy and heat engine markets “, noted Mr. Peter Ritt, Vice President of Technical Services at ACT.  Alkali metal heat pipes (those using Sodium, Potassium, Cesium, or Lithium as the working fluid) can transfer kW’s of heat at small temperature gradients.  These thermal properties are particularly useful for solar receivers and other applications where transferring large amounts to a heat engine, such as a Stirling engine, can increase the efficiency of the system.  Heat pipes also deliver the heat to the heat engines uniformly, which reduces system level issues.  “Thermoelectric generators in particular see increased efficiency, increased reliability, and higher power density when integrated with heat pipes,” added Mr. Bonner.

ACT’s high temperature heat pipes are one of the product lines designed and manufactured within its Custom Products business unit.  This business unit’s goal is to help customers solve thermal challenges by developing new products and applying existing technology to new applications.  We proudly provide prototyping and low volume manufacturing services.  ACT’s Technical Services business group can also help with early stage feasibility assessments, design, and analysis to help develop a thermal solution that fits your needs.

If you have a need for high temperature heat transfer, or would like to learn more, call an ACT representative today.  For more valuable information about our high temperature heat pipe products and the markets we serve, please check out our website:

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