ACT Supports Axiom Space’s Development Of World’s First Commercial Space Station

LANCASTER, Pa.Nov. 16, 2021 – ACT continues to develop innovative thermal control technologies to accelerate the advancement of space flight and beyond. Today, ACT is excited to announce its partnership with Axiom Space located in Houston, Texas for collaborative development on part of the thermal management structure for Axiom Station, the privately developed successor to the International Space Station (ISS).

The initial design phase is for the first step in the process, set to be completed mid-2022. Under this contract, ACT will be performing system-level analysis as well as the in-depth design of external heat transportation systems.

The Axiom Station will be constructed while attached to the ISS beginning in 2024, a commercial expansion of the station for which NASA selected Axiom in January 2020. It will be ready to separate and operate independently by 2028, forming “a commercial laboratory and residential infrastructure in space that will serve as a home to microgravity experiments, critical space-environment materials testing, and private and professional astronauts alike.” As a next-generation platform in orbit, it will be “the cornerstone of a permanent, prosperous human presence and a thriving network of commercial activity in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).” More information regarding Axiom Station can be found here:

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