ACT Supports Lehigh University in Thermal Energy Storage Device

January 13, 2020 Lancaster, PA-  Our Research and Development Division at Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. is supporting Lehigh University in developing a solid media thermal energy storage device. The purpose of this program is to mitigate the thermal issues facing coal-fired power plants. The system is based on Thermosyphon technology embedded into an optimized Cementitious Matrix.

The Thermosyphon Cementitious Matrix – Thermal Energy Storage (TCM-TES) takes advantages of both the sensible and latent heat of the materials. This intermediate temperature thermosyphon, developed by ACT aims to significantly increase the thermal performance for the low thermal conductivity cementitious material. The combination of technologies also offers an attractive price point for the industry. Triggered by the increasing need of renewable energy sources, this technology could increase the flexibility of conventional coal power plants to fit in a more dynamic energy sector.

ACT’s thermal storage:

ACT’s intermediate temperature heat pipe:


Lehigh Article:


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