ACT’s New Cold Plate Designs Receive Strong Industry Support at the Navy Opportunity Forum

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – June 25, 2012 – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.(ACT) announced today that it received excellent industrial response to its latest cold plate technology developments at the Navy Opportunity Forum held earlier this month in Washington D.C.  According to L-3 Power Paragon, a large defense contractor who independently evaluated the performance of ACT’s cold plates, “ACT has developed a series of new cold plates that met some of our most stringent thermal requirements.”  The statement continued:” We encourage those who have applications that demand high performance cold plates to seriously consider ACT for design and manufacture.” ACT’s new cold plate design features custom inlet and exit manifolds to get optimum fluid coverage throughout the plate. This design provided over 20% reduction in peak temperature with a 70% reduction in pressure drop, compared to other commercially-available products of similar form factors.

“We were pleased and encouraged by the positive response we received at the forum”, according to Dr. Howard Pearlman, Manager of ACT’s Technology Development Group which carried out this development effort.  “While Cold Plate Technology may be considered to be a well-established, mature technology, some of our innovative designs have shown improved thermal performance with minimal pressure penalty; this has attracted a number of interested parties.”

ACT currently manufactures custom Cold Plates for several industrial customers. This development work is part of ACT’s continuous efforts in improving the technical performance and manufacturability of this product. Other ongoing work at ACT includes incorporation of advanced materials to achieve extremely lightweight cold plates and optimization of coolant flow channel designs for minimal pressure drop. These efforts will provide our customers with the best performing and most cost effective cold plate products.

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