ACT’s Technical Services delivering thermal solutions across many industries

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. announced today that their Technical Services Group, which provides thermal management design and analysis solutions, is seeing growth in a variety of industries.  “We’ve seen a real uptick in areas such as medical, lighting, and alternative energy” said Pete Ritt, Vice President, Technical Services.  ACT’s customers are developing more powerful and compact devices where traditional heat sink solutions are no longer viable.  These emerging industry applications seek ACT’s broad based thermal management technology expertise, which includes advanced heat pipes, liquid cooling, pumped two-phase, and thermal storage systems.  Because of ACT’s experience in so many of the different thermal technologies, they can provide an unbiased and accurate assessment of real solutions.  Rich Bonner, Manager of Custom Products, added “Having modeling, manufacturing, and measurement capabilities under one roof provides a great value to our customers.  The integration of these capabilities ensures that our design recommendations are well grounded and within established manufacturing capabilities.”  ACT also has a very robust Research and Development effort.  “Our R&D core ensures we are at the forefront of emerging thermal technologies.  Our customers appreciate that depth of expertise,” concluded Ritt.

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