Lancaster, PA, December 6th, 2022 — It’s all about BIG BIG ENERGY in the Lancaster headquarters of Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) as the thermal management experts fuel up to celebrate 20 years in 2023! Energy is vital to life on this planet, and that’s why the highest level of our nation’s government is focused on delivering a clean energy future and creating good-paying jobs for communities in the process. At ACT, some of the best and brightest engineers spend their days researching, developing, testing, and manufacturing very complex heating and cooling solutions to support the Department of Energy (DOE), NASA, and other government and private energy companies to do just that… and it’s all happening right here, in Central PA!

From hot innovations to cool engineering designs, ACT contributes powerful thinking to the country’s top energy think tanks and creates the highly technical systems that are powering solutions from the ocean floor to outer space. The future is focused on generating energy from the world’s rich energy sources – solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy and nuclear. ACT is involved in it all, and this timely research, product development and manufacturing has never been more important!

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ACT is contributing to the world’s successes in clean energy by:

  • Making energy cleaner and more efficient. ACT produces smart energy recovery solutions that reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in universities, hospitals and industrial factories across the globe.
  • Maximizing ROI for wind energy. ACT delivers millions of dollars worth of passive, high-capacity cooling solutions to the wind energy market that reduce maintenance and operational costs, driving efficiency.
  • Delivering innovative solutions for nuclear power. ACT produces high-temperature heat pipes to support the extreme temperatures involved in nuclear power generation.
  • Leading the future of breakthrough energy innovation. ACT has received $15+M worth of funding directly from the DOE to research and develop technologies including how to recycle methane into energy.

Clean energy illuminates a bright future for us all, and ACT is energized to the mission and growing as a company to make that vision a reality.

Thermal Management for Energy

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