During the renovation of the Mt. Rushmore National Monument’s Visitor Center, an ACT Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger (AAHX) Heat Pipe was selected to provide energy recovery for an existing Air Handler Unit (AHU) by ACT’s regional technical sales representatives, Mechanical Sales South Dakota (MSSD) Inc. The Heat Pipe was chosen by MSSD’s cutting edge engineering team as the ideal energy recovery method because of the tight mechanical space; the AAHX unit was a perfect fit in the existing ductwork. This addition to the AHU will recover, depending on the season, either the cool or warm air leaving the building to pre-cool or pre-heat the incoming supply air. This allows the unit to provide fresh outside air, not contaminated air that has already circulated within the building, without taking a hit on efficiency or cost!


We look forward to our next visit to the newly upgraded book store, artifact storage rooms, and offices inside of the Visitor center, knowing that ACT Heat Pipes are helping to save them money, reduce strain on the environment, and keep the indoor air clean for a pleasant experience for visitors at Mt. Rushmore!

Mt.Rushmore Visitors Center

Windows of the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center located beneath the Grand View Terrace. NPS Photo



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