HiK™ Aluminum Plates

Cost-Effective Thermal Solution for Multiple Component Electronic Systems

High conductivity aluminum (HiK™ Aluminum) plates are 6061 aluminum with embedded heat pipes to increase thermal conductivity. The heat pipe layout can be customized to cool multiple power components allowing for higher input power for your system. In addition, the flexibility of heat pipes allows them to be retrofit into current system without changing the geometry. Typical aluminum has a thermal conductivity of 180 W/m-K. HiK™ aluminum plates have effective thermal conductivities ranging from 500 to 1,200 W/m-K depending on size.

HiK™ plates provide unique thermal and mechanical advantages:

  • Size/Weight: Can reduce size and weight with more effective use of available surface area
  • Thickness: Ultra Thin from 0.072″
  • Hot Spots: Can reduce hot spots to operate under electronics’ operating temperature
  • Power: More efficient heat transfer can increase the allowable power of your system
  • Assembly: Can be used as a structural component in system assemblies

HiK Plates High Conductivity Plates Thermal Image

HiK™ aluminum plates are a cost-effective way to solve challenging thermal problems. They are frequently used in military and commercial electronics cooling systems. They use copper-water heat pipes which are proven, highly reliable component,s especially in electronics’ operating temperature range. For more information on heat pipe and HiK™ plate reliability or if you’re thinking about designing heat pipes into your aluminum spreader. The links below can provide useful information for design.

Learn more by watching our video on HiK™ Plates here.  If you have any further questions, please contact an expert.

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