Pumped Cooling Products

Whether it’s a conventional pumped liquid cooling application or a higher performance pumped two phase (liquid + vapor) cooling system, ACT has years of experience developing and delivering quality custom solutions.   We have intimate knowledge of the performance characteristics of both single and two phase cooling technologies. This broad and deep expertise enables us to recommend the right technology for any application requiring a pumped cooling solution.

ACT also has the engineering skills to design and build the recommended solution to deliver the desired thermal performance, without compromising safety, reliability, durability and cost effectiveness.  ACT has designed and built full pumped cooling systems, and has special expertise in designing critical components such as custom cold plates and heat exchangers.   We also have experience with all pumped cooling working fluids: water, glycols, organic liquids and refrigerants

We offer products and services throughout the product life cycle: Designs, Prototypes and Production of both full systems and components

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Pumped Liquid Cooling

Pumped Two Phase Cooling


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