Heat Transfer Enhancement

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Posted on May 23rd, 2022

CO2 conversion to syngas via electrification of endothermal reactors: Process design and environmental impact analysis

Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 265, 1 August 2022, 115763
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Posted on Aug 24th, 2021

Interfacial Thermal Resistance Between NM-Thick MoS2 and Quartz Substrate: A Critical Revisit Under Phonon Mode-Wide Thermal Non-Equilibrium

Hamidreza Zobeiria, Nicholas Hunter, Nathan Van Velson, Cheng Deng, Qianying Zhang, Xinwei Wang, Nano Energy, V.89, Part A, November 2021, 106364.
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Posted on Jul 22nd, 2021

Advanced Waste Heat Recovery Technology By Thermoradiative Cell For Nuclear Space Power Applications

In order to satisfy the long-lasting and high energy/power density requirements for NASA deep space exploration missions, Pu-238 has been identified as one of the most suitable radioisotope fuels for GPHS modules since the 1960s. Knoxville, TN, April 6 – April 9, 2020, available online at https://nets2020.ornl.gov
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Posted on Jan 29th, 2021

Surface-Functionalized Boron Nanoparticles with Reduced Oxide Content by Nonthermal Plasma Processing for Nanoenergetic Applications

Prawal P. K. Agarwal, Devon Jensen, Chien-Hua Chen, Robert M. Rioux, and Themis Matsoukas; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Article ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.0c20825
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Posted on Jan 15th, 2021

Turbulent Flow and Heat Flux Analysis from Validated Large Eddy Simulations of Flow Past a Heated Cylinder in the Near Wake Region

Arpan Sircar, Mark Kimber, Srujan Rokkam, and Gerrit Botha, Physics of Fluids 32, 125119 (2020)
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Posted on Apr 25th, 2019

Advances in Lightweight Heat Sinks

Mohammad Reza Shaeri and Richard Bonner, 4th Thermal & Fluids Engineering Conference, Las Vegas, NV, April 14-17 2019
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Posted on Dec 10th, 2018

Vortex Dynamics and Heat Transfer of Longitudinal Vortex Generators in a Rectangular Channel

Zhaoqing Ke, et al., International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 132, 875-885 (2019)
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Posted on Sep 17th, 2018

Bio-inspired self-agitator for convective heat transfer enhancement

Zheng Li et al., Applied Physical Letters 113, 113703 (2018)
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Posted on Mar 04th, 2018

Dropwise Condensation on Hydrophobic Microporous Powder and the Transition to Intrapowder Droplet Removal

Sean Hoenig and Richard W. Bonner, III, 3rd Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC), Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 4-7, 2018.
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