Advanced Cooling Technologies, INC.

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a premier thermal management solutions company. We serve customers in diverse markets including Aerospace, Electronics, HVAC and Energy Recovery, LED Thermal Management and Temperature Calibration and Control. We understand each market and industry we serve has its own unique challenges and constraints. We focus on providing advanced thermal solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of each customer.

We’re Leading Heat Pipe Manufacturers

Research and development has been a core component of our company since our founding in 2003. This has enabled us to develop highly innovative thermal management solutions over the years. Our highly engineered products include Heat Pipes.

As a leading heat pipe manufacturer and supplier, we provide heat pipe assemblies for a wide range of applications. In fact, we’re the only U.S.-based manufacturer that delivers heat pipes for terrestrial electronics cooling on high-temperature calibration and orbital satellite thermal management equipment. Our product lineup also includes Heat Exchangers and Cold Plates.

Our diverse R&D and Technical Services programs range from developing thermal protection materials for space reentry vehicles to investigating nanoscale heat transfer in next generation electronic devices to designing high temperature heat recovery systems for industrial processes. Innovation, Teamwork, and Customer Care are our core values that drive the continuous growth of our company.

PCM Heat Sink Sample

PCM Heat Sink Sample

PCM Heat Sink

ACT’s Phase Change Material (PCM) Heat Sink provides reliable, passive thermal management by storing thermal energy and maintaining temperature during a solid to liquid phase transition. This stand-alone solution can replace the need for a complex, active thermal management system. ACT is a leader in PCM Heat Sink design, modeling and manufacturing for military and commercial applications.

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