Advanced Cooling Technologies, INC.

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a premier thermal management solutions company. We serve customers in diverse markets including Aerospace, Electronics, HVAC and Energy Recovery, LED Thermal Management and Temperature Calibration and Control. Our highly engineered products include Heat Pipes, Heat Exchangers and Cold Plates. Our diverse R&D and Technical Services programs range from developing thermal protection materials for space reentry vehicles to investigating nanoscale heat transfer in next generation electronic devices to designing high temperature heat recovery systems for industrial processes. Innovation, Teamwork, and Customer Care are our core values that drive the continuous growth of our company.

Pumped Two Phase vs. Single Phase Cooling

Pumped Two Phase Cooling

ACT’s Pumped Two Phase Cooling (P2P)  systems can transfer heat by evaporation and condensation of a portion of the working fluid.  This method can remove and dissipate heat from high-power heat sources such as electronics and lasers, or when the thermal energy must be transferred a significant distance.
Able to operate in any orientation and accommodate multiple cold plates in parallel, P2P offers lower flow rates and pumping power as well as other advantages over single phase systems.  Click here to learn more.