Maximize Performance and Reliability

Passive thermal management solutions limit failure points dramatically, increasing your MTBF and lowering your operational cost.

In many cases, end users move to active solutions too early in the process. ACT can enhance and optimize performance to expand the limits for our customers to cool passively. ACT has demonstrated passive solutions over 100 kW. Before you add complexity and failure points, reach out to us to explore passive options.

Explore Passive Thermal MANAGEMENT Solutions

Whether your end goal is to enhance heat transfer, heat rejection or heat storage, we have a passive solution for you.

Heat Pipes
ACT is the trusted expert in heat pipe products and technologies. Explore all of the ways heat pipes can be integrated for the ultimate thermal solution, here.
Heat Pipes
Phase Change Based Solutions
PCM heat sinks or heat exchangers are an ideal solution to store energy for single use or low-duty-cycle transient applications.
Phase Change Based Solutions
Loop Thermosyphon
A Loop Thermosyphon (LTS) is an ideal solution for any system that can leverage gravity assist fluid return.
Loop Thermosyphons
Custom Cold Plates
Liquid-cooled, cold plates are commonly used for high-heat flux or high-power electronics cooling applications.
Custom Cold Plates
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