This webpage includes links to some of ACT’s resources, including the free online heat pipe calculator, technical papers, heat pipe tutorials, and webinars.  All of the information is freely available, no registration is required.

Heat Pipe Calculator

Heat Pipe Calculator

Heat Pipe Calculator:  Free calculator to predict copper water heat pipe performance as a function of temperatures and heat pipe dimensions.

Heat Pipe Design Guide: A quick overview of design constraints for standard copper water heat pipes.  More detailed information is in the Heat Pipe Product Reliability Guide

Heat Pipe Resources:  Perhaps the most extensive information on heat pipes anywhere on the web, including heat pipe operating principles, design, selection, performance limitations,  and advanced heat pipes.

ACT Articles: Trade magazine articles authored by ACT personnel.

ACT Brochures: All of ACT’s brochures and technical data sheets listed on a single page.

ACT Case Studies:  An overview of some of the wide variety of industries and applications that ACT has successfully served, including design studies, trade studies, LED cooling, and custom test rigs.

ACT Patents:  Abstracts and Full Patents.  Also lists the current patent applications that are pending.

ACT Technical Papers: Conference and journal papers by ACT personnel, including abstracts and pdfs of the full paper.  HTML versions are constantly being added.

ACT Videos: ACT’s thermal management video tutorials, including heat pipes, heat sinks, LED thermal management, and pumped single and two phase cooling.  Transcriptions of the videos are available.

ACT Webinars:  Upcoming and previous webinars on thermal management topics.