ACT Sustainability

ACT, a company with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, takes a multifaceted approach to make a positive impact on its community and the environment.

Facility Impact

With over 220 employees and 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and work spaces, ACT boasts a substantial presence. This extensive footprint has seen over seven facility expansions, each marked by thoughtful decisions regarding sustainable materials and energy conservation. The dedicated facility team at ACT is committed to reducing energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient lighting, timers, and motion-sensing operations throughout the premises.

In addition to their efforts in reducing energy consumption, ACT promotes sustainability by offering over 10 water stations across their facility, encouraging employees to opt for reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastics. Furthermore, the company contributes to Eco-friendliness in their 7+ lunchrooms by stocking them with compostable dinnerware, including plates and cups. This holistic approach to sustainability underscores ACT’s commitment to environmental responsibility and a greener future.

Pounds of C02 Emissions Saved in 2023 and counting


Materials Recycling

ACT regularly recycles the following materials.

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron

Wood Recycling

Wood products play a crucial role in the transportation of heavy or delicate items within ACT facilities and to our customers. In the current year, ACT has already made significant strides in promoting sustainability by recycling more than 9 tons of wood from sources such as crates, pallets, and various shipping materials. This reclaimed wood is then repurposed into mulch, demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

Community Impact

ACT’s CSR group actively engages in community-oriented initiatives to foster a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship:

  1. Adopt-A-Block: As part of the City of Lancaster’s volunteer program, ACT’s CSR group regularly takes part in the “Adopt-A-Block” program. This quarterly initiative involves employees dedicating their time to clean up trash and debris along New Holland Avenue, contributing to a cleaner and more attractive environment for the community.
  2. Tree Planting: On an annual basis, ACT’s CSR group collaborates with “Greening the Lower Susquehanna” to organize tree planting events. These group activities focus on planting trees, which not only enhance the local ecosystem but also demonstrate ACT’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.