ACT’s enclosure cooling products effectively dissipate heat from sealed electrical and electronic enclosures operating in indoor, outdoor and other types of environments.

These products are applicable in diverse industries including Industrial Automation, Food Processing, Chemical, Petrochemical, Wastewater Treatment, and Telecommunications.

ACT offers a high level of technical support to automation & control systems integrators and OEM’s through our website selection tools, online ordering and direct field support from our factory and local technical representatives.

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When selecting a sealed enclosure cooling product, it’s important to consider factors such as the heat load,
enclosure size, environmental conditions, and power requirements to ensure proper cooling and
optimal performance of the enclosed electronics.

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Heat Sink
Economical, Excellent Price vs. Performance Ratio – Rise Above Ambient. Our most commonly sold EC, if you’re tight on space, this family of units could be your winner!
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Heat Pipe
Compact, Rise Above Ambient Heat Exchanger. If you need to mount to the top of your cabinet, this is your best fit. Heat pipe coolers operate by using a heat exchanger and heat pipes that capture heat from the air inside the unit and transfers it to the outside air. It then recirculates the cooled air from inside the enclosure.
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Also known as Peltier coolers, thermoelectric coolers use the Peltier effect to transfer heat away from the enclosure. They consist of thermoelectric modules that generate a temperature difference across their surfaces when an electric current is passed through them.
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Vapor Compression
With indoor air temperature control and an IP55 rated seal, these Plug-and-play Air Conditioners can be integrated into harsh environments and still provide a cool and clean operating space for your electronics.
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