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Active and passive systems for wind turbines – Wind Systems Magazine, June 2024

Read about efficient thermal management within wind-turbine components, particularly the nacelle, is essential for optimizing performance and reliability.

Special Report: Space Technology – Techbriefs, January 2024

Read about ACT’s technologies to Survive the Lunar Night in this special report on Space Technology.

Top 10 Defense Manufacturing Technologies Solutions Companies 2023

Read about ACT’s experience in the defense manufacturing business – Manufacturing Technology Insights: November 2023

Advanced Cooling Technologies Assisting in Lunar Rover Mission

Read the article featured in LancasterThriving! – Fall/Winter, 2023

ACT’s Bryan Muzyka talks about the company’s involvement in NASA’s VIPER mission.

Advanced Cooling System for Modular Electronics Thermal Management

Electronics Cooling – October, 2023

Modern electronics are rapidly evolving to meet high-computing needs while shrinking in size, resulting in large heat fluxes that must be removed for safe operation. Read More…

Development of a 3D-printed Loop heat pipe

Electronics Cooling – September, 2023

The small form-factor satellites, CubeSats and SmallSats, have increased in popularity and capability, but advanced thermal solutions are required to keep up with the increasing heat loads. Loop heat pipes (LHPs) are a passive solution capable of transporting heat from electronics to deployable radiator panels. Read More…

Lehigh engineers unveil a market-ready thermal energy storage system for decarbonization applications – February, 2023
Research Scientists at Lehigh’s Energy Research Center; and, Advanced Cooling Technologies, a thermal management solutions company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, have engineered, built, and tested an innovative thermal energy storage prototype system that combines sensible and latent heat transfer to achieve fast and efficient thermal performance. Read More…

Thermal-management techniques take on the heat

Military and Aerospace Electronics – October, 2022
“The VITA specs suggest applying a constant temperature model,” Weyant says. “That is fine for lower-heat-flux applications and uniform heat loads in a uniform heat sink, but when the overall heat load is driven by a single component, you have a concentrated heat load. By modeling it that way, you could design yourself into a corner and give yourself problems at testing.” Read More…

GUEST BLOG: Boundary conditions for conduction-cooled module simulations

Military Embedded Systems – Greg Hoeschele, Lead Engineer Product Development, September 2022

The VITA 47 standard describes the boundary of the module as a maximum, with different values depending on the class. This is a convenient requirement as it is easy to apply a temperature boundary condition to interface surfaces in an FEA [finite element analysis] model and determine the thermal performance of the card. This is also useful if the heat is evenly spread across the card and the chassis is close to isothermal. The problem is that under certain conditions, this approach will overestimate the thermal performance of the module. Read More…

Small-Scale Biodigesters Are Getting a Big Improvement in Thermal Control – Ellie Seber, R&D Engineer II, Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc., August 2022.

As the world looks to increase the usage and production of renewable energy, improving efficiency while lowering energy costs is vital to the adoption of renewable sources. Biodigesters (also known as anaerobic digesters) are a source of renewable energy and act as both an effective waste management solution and a source of biogas, a methane-dense gas that can be used in place of natural gas. Read More…

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is transitioning SBIR-developed technology to the MIDS JTRS platform while still in Phase II

Navy SBIR/STTR Success & Spotlight Stories, May 2022. Srujan Rokkam, R&D Manager

The HiK™ (high conductivity) cooling card developed for Navy tactical link electronics was tested and qualified by the two MIDS prime contractors: Viasat, Inc. and Data Link Solutions (DLS, a joint venture of BAE Systems and Collins Aerospace). After testing, it was selected by the primes for use in the MIDS terminal; ACT has received manufacturing orders of $2 million for this hardware. Read More…

Boeing chooses ACT to provide electronics thermal management technology for SLAM-ER guidance systems

Military + Aerospace Electronics. Bryan Muzyka, Sales & Marketing Manager, Seth Ryberg, Sales Engineer, Greg Hoeschele, Product Development Lead Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc., May 2022.

“We’ve spent the past year working closely with the team at Boeing, prototyping and getting this innovative and highly reliable thermal solution where it needs to be for mass production efforts.” Read More…

Cooling high-power radar systems: a thermal technology guide.

Military Embedded Systems-  Bryan Muzyka, Sales & Marketing Manager: Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc., March 2022.

“Large-scale radar systems are critical to U.S. national security, giving troops advanced abilities to detect and combat enemy strikes. As the demand for increased distance in coverage grows, more electronics are used, with the resulting waste heat becoming a primary challenge for designers.” Read More…

Lancaster company’s far-reaching thermal solutions extend from the environment to space

Lancaster Online. Richard Bonner, Vice President, R&D, and Bryan Muzyka, Sales & Marketing Manager: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., March 2022.

“We are more like a company that comes in to cool a satellite or a military radar system, so it’s cooling but applied to very advanced … systems”  Read more… 

Renewable energy from underwater

Unmanned Systems Technology. Nathan Van Velson, Lead R&D Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., February 2022.

“… it’s also worth noting that with all its heat pipes, PCM and thermo-electrics, this is a completely passive system so unlike say an IC engine, there are no moving parts.” Read more…

Medical Device Cooling Considerations to Know for Your Next Design Project

TechBriefs, Devin Pellicone, Lead Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., April 2021.

“…there is no ‘one size fits all’ cooling solution that is suitable for all medical devices.” Read more…

Green Buildings Or Healthy Occupants? You Don’t Have To Choose Anymore!, Devin Pellicone, Lead Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., January 2021.

“it is possible to exhaust ALL of the contaminated air from an occupied space and still conserve a large portion of the energy in that air.” Read more…

Thermal Management for Directed Energy Weapons

TechBriefs Aerospace Defense Technology, Pete Dussinger, Chief Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., September 2020

“Thermal management is a critical component of DEW systems. Without robust cooling solutions, the massive amount of waste heat generated per high-powered shot will damage the weapon, and support systems, and likely cause acute failure.”  Read More…

Characterizing Thermal Performance Through Card Retainers

Embedded Computing Design, Bryan Muzyka, Sales Manager; and Andy Slippey, Product Development Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., January 9, 2020.

“The concept behind the ICE-Lok® is simple; it’s designed to increase the number of contact points between the heat spreader and the chassis. These additional surfaces provide two benefits: (1) it adds surface area to directly improve heat transfer and (2) it allows heat to bypass the metal to metal interfaces within the locking mechanism.” Read More…

Acceleration Resistant HiK Heat Spreader

TechBriefs Aerospace Defense Technology, Jared Tower, Product Development Engineer; Dan Fritch, Lead Engineer; and Jens Weyant, Lead Engineer: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., September 2019
Read More…

An Introduction to PCM Heat Sinks

TechBriefs Aerospace Defense Technology, Rebecca Weigand, Ying Zheng, William G. Anderson, Richard W. Bonner III: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., February 2019
Read More…

Loop Thermosyphons: Gravity-Driven Two-Phase Cooling for the 21st Century

TechBriefs Aerospace Defense Technology, Devin Pellicone: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., February 2018
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Environmentally Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking

Journal of Materials (JOM), The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, Srujan Rokkam: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., et. al.: November 2017
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Using Heat Pipes to Cool Embedded Computers

TechBriefs Aerospace & Defense Technology, Jens Weyant: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., September 2017
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NASA Investigates a Backup Cooling Device for Stirling Radioisotope Power Systems

NASA Science Beta, Calin Tarau: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., February 2017
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JSC Heading to Suborbital Flight

NASA Johnson Space Center: Calin Tarau: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., October 2016
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Two-Phase Thermal Switch

TechBriefs Aerospace & Defense Technology, Nathan Van Velson, Calin Tarau, and William G. Anderson: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., May 2016
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Loop Heat Pipe with Thermal Control Valve for Variable Thermal Link

TechBriefs Aerospace & Defense Technology: John Hartenstine, et al., August 1, 2015
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Heat Pipe Solutions for LED Devices

TechBriefs Lighting “Heat Pipe Solutions for LED Devices”: By Peter Ritt and Daniel Reist, August 2014
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Pumped Two-Phase Cooling for Thermal Management of High Heat Flux Electronics

Aerospace & Defense Technology: Dr. Ehsan Yakhshi-Tafti, Xudong Tang, Peter Ritt, and Howard Pearlman; Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., February 2014
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ACT designers consider embedded heat pipes to enhance cooling in high-power VPX cards

Military Aerospace Electronics, John Keller, Editor, May 1, 2013
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Loop Heat Pipe with Thermal Control Valve as a Variable Thermal Link

NASA Tech Briefs, John R. Hartenstine et al., August, 2012.
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New Thermal Management Strategies for Medical Devices

Medical Design Briefs, Pete Ritt, April 1, 2012.
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Minimizing Thermal Resistance with Direct Attach Heat Spreaders

NASA Tech Briefs, Bryan Muzyka and Pete Ritt, February 1, 2012.
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Applying High-Temperature Heat-Pipe Technology to Precision Heat Treating and Materials Processing

Industrial Heating, Pete Dussinger, March 3, 2011.
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Vapor Chambers

Defense Tech Briefs, Bryan Muzyka, December 1, 2011.
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