Performing in Demanding Environments

We’re engineering innovative thermal solutions for embedded computing that ensure efficient cooling and optimal performance in demanding environments.

Specializing in systems meticulously engineered to operate seamlessly in rugged and extreme conditions, ensuring the longevity and stability of your embedded computing devices. ACT has expertise in a wide range of temperature ranges and complex system architecture. Whether the challenge is high heat flux, acceleration, physical size or other features, ACT can partner with your team to develop a design that meets your requirements.

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Explore our custom embedded computing solutions or contact ACT with your requirements and we can help point you in the right direction. 

A new type of wedge lock. Get up to 30% better thermal conductivity.
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VME/ VPX Card Frames
Enhance your off-the-shelf VME / VPX card frames with thermal management technologies from ACT.
VME/ VPX Card Frames
Conduction Cooled Chassis
When every degree counts. Manage waste heat with a thermally enhanced chassis.
Conduction Cooled Chassis
Liquid Cooled Chassis
This technology pumps liquid directly through cold plates that are in contact with the electronic boards, moving the heat away from sensitive electronics.
Liquid Cooled Chassis
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