Technical Papers

How to Evaluate a Weld Inclusion Through Fracture Analysis

A Preliminary NASA Compliant Conformal Coating for Optimized Space Radiation Shielding Configurations and Its Mass Attenuation Coefficients

Yue Xiao published in Progress in Nuclear Energy, Volume 169, April 2024

Synthesis and Characterization of Energetic Aluminum Boride Particles Coated with Reactive Plasma Nanofilms

Presented by Prawal P. K. Agarwal, ACS Applied Engineering Materials, 2024.

Nuclear Energy and Advanced Thermal Technologies

Authored by ACT’s Kimberly Mankosa, Lead Sales Engineer, and Calin Tarau, Principal Engineer, R&D.

Thermal Management of Large Area Heat Loads Using Multi-Pass Cryogenic Loop Heat Pipe

Presented by Nathan Van Velson, Roopesh Kumar, Calin Tarau, Guillermo Fernandez-Moroni at AIAA SciTech 2024.

Status of Development of a Solid-State Thermal Management System of a MW-Scale Electric Aircraft

Presented by Ramy Abdelmaksoud, Jeffrey Diebold, Zayed Ahmed, Brett Leitherer, Calin Tarau, Kuan-Lin Lee, and Rodger Dyson at AIAA SciTech 2024

Developments in Thermal Management Technologies for Space Nuclear Energy Systems

Presented by Calin Tarau, William G. Anderson, and Jeff Diebold.

Evaluating the Carbon Footprint of the Integrated DBD-plasma Bi-reforming Unit via Laboratory Scale Experiments and Scaled-up Process Modeling

Presented by Yue Xiao, Chien-Hua Chen, and Mruthunjaya Uddi

Development of Ceramic Pulsating Heat Pipes for Medium-Voltage Power Electronics

Presented by ACT Engineer Ramy Abdelmaksoud at ASME 2023 Interpack.